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Our Code of Conduct

As part of our overall mission, Wake FC is committed to promoting character, integrity and accountability in our Players on and off the field. In an effort to develop player’s responsibility, we have guidelines that we expect our Players to follow. Additionally, the actions of our Coaches, Parents and Staff reflect on our Players; therefore, they are assigned even higher expectations.  The guidelines below will create a safe, friendly, and respectful environment for our Players to grow and develop individually and as a team.

  • Team Commitment: Players and Coaches are expected to arrive on time to all Wake FC events, including practices and games. For the respect of the Coach, any known upcoming absences or tardiness should be brought to the attention of the Coach ahead of time by the Player. During the season, Players should consider the effects of multiple commitments and any “risky” activities for the Team. As part of a Team, you are counted on to participate at all practices and games. Reoccurring absences or the inability to participate due to injuries outside of soccer affect the entire Team. Players are expected to be responsible for their actions and the possible impact on the Team.
  • Respect: All Players, Coaches, Parents, and Staff should demonstrate respect for everyone on the Team, the Opposing Team, Referees, and Spectators. Sideline behavior by all Wake FC spectators is expected to be respectful of all the Players, other parents, and the referees before, during, and after the game. Profanity and confrontation will not be tolerated during Wake FC events. Parents are also asked to respect the Coaches by allowing them to do the coaching, while parents do the encouraging. 
  • Safety: Coaches will have responsibility to make sure all practices and games are conducted safely, including evaluating dangerous field or weather conditions and overly aggressive play. Wake FC Players will be held to a level of fair play. Soccer is a contact sport; however, there will be zero tolerance for reckless play with the intent to purposefully harm another Player.
  • Privacy: We should all respect the privacy of our Players, Parents, and Coaches. Personal and Club information should be treated with confidentiality and should not be used or forwarded for any other purpose.

It is our hope that these guidelines go without saying, but situations do occur. Any unreasonable behavior will be investigated and dealt with on a case-by-case basis by our Executive Director. To report any behavior that is not a positive reflection of our Players and Club, please contact our Executive Director.