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Player Orientation Guide

STEP 1: Upload Your Photo  (REQUIRED for New & Returning Players)

Every player participating on a team needs to provide their photo to Wake FC.  Please click here to upload the player's photo. 

  • Photo should be a headshot of the player
  • Face should be fully visible; player may not wear hat or sunglasses in photo
  • Photo must be in color; no black & white photographs accepted


STEP 2: Submit Your Jersey Number Preferences  (REQUIRED for New & Returning Players)

Please click on the Jersey Number Preference link here to indicate your preferred jersey number(s).  Uniform ordering information will be emailed to you at a later date, after Wake FC sets jersey numbers for the team.


STEP 3: Submit Proof of Birth (REQUIRED for New Players Only)

Any player that has not previously participated on a Wake FC team needs to submit a copy of either their BIRTH CERTIFICATE or PASSPORT.  Please click here to upload the player's proof of birth.  


Trouble uploading the information at the above links?  Please contact for assistance.  Anyone unable to provide the above-named items electronically may mail to: Wake FC, PO Box 1211, Holly Springs, NC 27540.  Please only mail copies of proof of birth or player photos that Wake FC may keep as they will not be returned to the player.


STEP 4: Complete & mail the appropriate Player Forms Packet (REQUIRED for New & Returning Players)

These Player Forms MAY NOT be submitted electronically.

Please print forms SINGLE-SIDED rather than printing on the front & back of sheet of paper.

Please select from "PACKET A" or "PACKET B" below, depending on your team assignment.


PACKET A:  If your team is listed below,  PLEASE CLICK HERE  to download PLAYER FORMS "PACKET A."  (If your team is not listed or you do not know team name, please proceed to "PACKET B")

01 Blue       02 Blue       03 Blue      04 Blue                         01 Blue G         02 Blue G     

01 Gold       02 Gold      03 Gold      04 Rangers                                            03 Blue G


PACKET B:  If your team is NOT LISTED ABOVE or you do not know team name,  PLEASE CLICK HERE  to download the WAKE FC PLAYER FORMS "PACKET B"  


STEP 5:  Complete International Clearance if player was born outside of the US and has not previously been approved for International Clearance.

Click here for International Clearance Paperwork (ICP)

(What is International Clearance?  ICP is additional registration requirements for US Citizens Born Abroad and Foreign Born Players.  Any players born outside of the US that have not previously completed the ICP process, will need to submit for International Clearance per FIFA)